The Success Pyramid: Significance Of The SEO Pyramid

When building a website it’s important to keep in mind that its success depends on a series of factors related to search engine optimization. If you follow the guidelines you can make sure that your website will gain popularity and traffic. However, a poor foundation can lead to negative results and drop your website from search engine rankings. The SEO pyramid has all the steps you need to take, to achieve great results.

What are the components of the SEO pyramid?

The SEO pyramid is structured in such a way that will allow you to know what you need to begin with and how to precisely follow each step. The base of the pyramid is related to the content quality; then you will need to work on keywords and targeting, link building and finally take care of the social aspects.

The SEO Pyramid Infographic

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1. Content quality and accessibility: This is the first step you need to take care of when starting a website. High quality content represents the base on which you can further develop. Your content should be unique and accessible, so the bots can find it and your site can climb in the rankings. In order for that to happen, you need to use proper target keywords and make sure all the pages are linked and have no errors.

Sitemaps are usually important for the search engine but they can also be used by visitors to find out how the site is structured.

2. Keyword research and targeting: Choosing the proper keywords is essential for achieving high rankings. The keywords should be selected taking into consideration the words that people search for most commonly. You can get a better idea what these are with the help of Google Keyword Tool. Adjust the keywords to fit your website and you will get relevant and targeted traffic. Targeting can also be performed through on-page optimization, which consists in optimizing keywords, meta description, URLs and other characteristics.

3. Link Building: As soon as you have added high quality content on your website, you can begin building links. This can be acquired through forum postings, manual requests, buying links, registering accounts on some websites and guest posting. Guest posting is the most often used form of link building as it makes it hard for search engines to detect artificial links. Links that are acquired in some way that can be detected as not legit, can seriously damage your website and your reputation, so make sure you only have high quality ones.

4. The Social aspect of SEO: This represents the last step included in the SEO pyramid and should only be done after you’ve followed the guidelines of the first three steps. This step consists in using social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to promote and bring more traffic to your website. With the increasing number of people who are using social networks, you can only benefit from using them in promoting your business.

How has the SEO pyramid fluctuated over the years?

Although the pyramid has this current structure, it is constantly changing and evolving due to changes in people’s search preferences. The most important change has been caused by the increased importance of social networks that have only recently started developing.

The structure of the pyramid from 3 years ago still serves as a strong foundation for today’s SEO pyramid. There are only slight differences that are related to the emphasis currently put on the high quality of the content, the relevance and thoughtful choice of keywords, the addition of high quality backlinks and the optimization that is acquired with social media tools.

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