Software: Develop In-House – Test Offshore

In the course of software solution development, enterprises of any scale and various spheres of activity turn to a professional software development company to order a full-cycle software development or to hire a QA tester or a software testing team for the

Relevant IT expertise is indispensable to enterprises, not specializing in information technology, for reaching a successful software solution of the highest quality; it is self evident. But it goes without saying as well, that outsourcing software QA testing, most often to Offshore QA teams and companies, is popular among professional software vendors too. How can such a trend be explained? It is comprised of a couple of interrelated complementary factors, which rationalize the process of software development on the whole and favoring the top quality and success of an end software product/solution as a result:

  • Offshore QA expertise. On the face of it, this might seem a controversial point. What more expertise can a software company need, being a software company proper? Actually, offshore QA testers (from a reliable partner company, of course) possess a unique testing experience, having participated in numerous software projects of any scope and complexity for enterprises from all over the world. Armed with specialized quality control tools and techniques, being highly- qualified and educated, offshore QA testers are likely to detect bugs and fix them really efficiently, moreover, a detached view on the given software quality is guaranteed as opposed to a view of an in-house QA team.
  • Quality control time reduction. It is usually due to the testing expertise and possibility to carry out software code review services, so to say, at a different day-time owing to time zone difference between customer’s and vendor’s countries. Thus, the work over the software doesn’t stop, which reduces software product’s time-to-market. So it is really reasonable to write a code in-house and check the code outsourcing QA to an offshore software partner.
  • QA services cost-effectiveness. Besides all the above-mentioned factors, offshore QA services save customer’s expenses due to the lower costs offered by an offshore vendor, time-saving etc. A number of enterprises outsource QA to EffectiveSoft, which is a professional software development company. Having realized that this is a reliable offshore software testing partner, several software development companies have already established their Offshore QA center at EffectiveSoft