Professional Banner Designing Tips

There is one simple truth every online marketer has to accept. Professional-looking banner ads are fast-selling banner ads. However, banner ads are not only limited in size, they are also limited by their exposure time, that is, the time interval that the viewer has to see it and react to it. To work around these limitations, the designer has to use a banner maker that provides the most professional banner ads. When designing your banner ad, there are a few tips you can use to highly increase your click-through-rates (CTR).

1. Define Your Objectives

Before designing your banner ad, the first question you should answer is “WHY?” Why do you need a banner ad and what do you want to accomplish with it? Possible answers could be you want to increase traffic to your website, you want to create more leads, or you want to promote a new product. Once you have answered why you need the banner ad then you need to ask what your Most Wanted Response (MWR) from viewers is. The answer to those two questions defines your objective and acts as a strong primary guideline to what your banner ad should be like.

2. Know Your Message

Better than great graphics, good copy sells! Know the kind of message you are sending to your target audience and find the best way to clearly send it.

3. K.I.S.S

Keep it short and simple please. Today’s internet users are a busy and inpatient lot. They will not take the time to sieve through a cluttered banner ad to see what message lies beneath. They respond better to a clear and direct message. Complicated graphics will irritate most users rather than attract them and will at the same time increase webpage load times. Who needs that?

4. Tagline

One of the highlights of your banner ad that will entice the viewer to click on it is the tagline. Use an interesting and catchy hook phrase that will leave your viewer wanting to see more and hence, clicking on your ad.

5. Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure that your banner ad includes a captivating picture that is relevant to your overall message. Stunning graphics such as flash media emotionally impact on the viewers and arouses their curiosity.

6. Colors

Your color composition should be compelling and tasteful. Too many flashy colors create mistrust in the viewer’s mind so make it professional yet enticing. Use just a few colors that can be easily and readily associated with your firm or products.

7. Text

The temptation to use fancy fonts is great for most designers. That is okay, but make sure the text is legible and the font colors contrast with the background for better visibility.

8. Call to Action

One of the most effective features within a banner ad for increasing CTRs is a call to action. Depending on your defined objectives, always include a call to action at the very end of your banner or on the last frame.

9. Interactivity

An interactive ad is great for creating long term relationships with viewers, and they can be later turned into leads and converted into paying customers. Have a banner that asks the viewer to fill out a brief survey or participate in a poll. A contest with prizes is even better.

10. Animation

Animation and motion within your banner ad highly increases your visibility and click through rates. However, only use animations and motion if it is relevant to your overall message.

11. Timing

When you use motion and animation, do not make it too fast that it becomes a blur from the viewer’s point of view. Neither should you make it too slow that the viewer switches to other web pages without viewing the whole ad. An ideal timing should be between 12 and 18 seconds for the ad to run its full course.

12. Logo

Always use elements in your banner ad that are easily identifiable with your product, services, or company. A logo is a great choice. You may also use a phone number or website address. Email and physical addresses provide a poor choice because they tend to be long.

13. Links

For your banner ad to work, it should be linked to your landing page. You can have more than one link especially if different parts of your banner ad promote different products from the same line or brand.

14. Test and Tweak

You should use available software to test the effectiveness of your banner ad. Measure the effectiveness of your banner ad in directing traffic to your site. The A/B testing procedure works great. Make small changes or tweaks to your professional design and your banner ad’s message to see which one works best.