How Owners of Web Programming Services Can Clear Myths About Open Source Platforms?

As web development experts, most of us possess the experience of working with a client who is convinced that using open platforms will ruin his business goals. The client prefers to stick to his beliefs, while we try desperately to convince him otherwise (often without any success).

According to our opinion, as owners of web programming services, the best way to change the client’s mind about open platforms is by explaining him the advantages. That way, he can realize the ways his company can benefit from open platform. Read on to know how you can convince your clients.

Open Platforms- a Cost-Effective Option

Convince the client by stating the financial advantages of using open platform. Open platforms are usually free (though some are available at a low cost). Furthermore, support for open software is available in the form of experts who are already well-acquainted with open platforms. This means that the client does not need to spend huge money for maintaining them.

With open source platforms, development time also reduces. Creating open source platform demands time, which in turn enhances quality of the platform. This means that by choosing an open source platform, a person enjoys quality product for free or at affordable rates.

Strong Support offered by a Powerful Community

Open platforms possess powerful communities that are automatically integrated, when people include them in their businesses. Maximum clients aim to create a strong fanbase around their services/product. Using open platform provides them with the opportunity to communicate with an interactive community and avail useful suggestions.

Clarifying Security and Support Issues

Most clients believe that open platforms do not possess powerful security features. Pacify your client by stating that open systems do not automatically mean that they are unsafe to use. Point out examples where open source was wrongly blamed for negatively affecting a system or website, while the real problem lied in poor security features, wrong implementation, and user mistakes.

The common conception that open systems lack security features is a wrong. You can ask your client to consider the example of Linux. It is an open source system and as compared to it, bugs are more regularly detected in the closed-source systems.

If your client is still not convinced, offer him the example of Drupal, which is an open source content management system that possesses a powerful security concern.

With open platforms, support is also easy. Open systems possess vendors, who offer support at a price.

Adopting the Entire Platform is not Compulsory

Surprisingly, most clients are unaware of the fact that for using a platform, adopting it completely is not necessary. Explain the concept by practically implementing it.

Does your client own a site that contains various photographs? Offloading parts of the website to Flicker can be a great idea. That way, people who explore Flicker will be able to come across these photographs and feel encouraged to visit the site.

Since most clients do not possess in-depth expertise in web development, it is natural that they believe in various myths. As programming experts, it is our duty to clear these myths and allow clients to make informed choices.

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