7 Ways To Get Your Local Search Strategy To The Next Level

The borders between traditional and local search are at a crossroads. Today, you need more than local prominence to succeed. The current state of local search will change over time, but one thing that is certain is businesses will need to learn how to evolve to even be considered in their desired space. It all comes down to strategy and how you plan to reshape it.

Local Search Strategy

1. Host Events In Your Area

With an event as simple as a free seminar in your physical office, you can get the word out to local customers about your business and what it has to offer, and promote website while doing so.  When holding these events, use all the traditional advertising methods to get the word out.  Hand out fliers, talk to your friends, and get a plug in on the local news stations.  At these events you can gain information from your customers that will help you to better tailor your advertising to those who live around you.

2. Utilize Offline Advertising Means

Any online marketing methods that you use will only be enhanced by the extra effort and investment you put into advertising offline.  Advertise with local TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers.  These advertising formats still have a wide reach, especially for customers who are local to your business.  Don’t waste time on a dramatic advertising campaign when a simple radio ad will do.  The best advertising plan employs both online and offline advertising methods to increase the customer base of your business.

3. Embrace PPC

We all know how much time and money goes into trying to acquire a new customer. As the most powerful advertising medium, PPC can take your campaign to new highs in sales and reach. When coupled with SEO, it has the ability to give immediate traffic and maximum exposure. It also makes it easier to track your budget, dollar to dollar.

However, with that said, PPC can also break the bank if you’re not careful. If you do plan to go this route, it’s best you consult a reliable PPC agency.

4. Manage Your Reputation

If your business has a bad reputation, it is almost impossible to stage a successful comeback.  In order to make your advertising more effective, the services and products you promise to your customers must meet expectations and be improved on constantly.  To keep your reputation positive, always be looking for ways to improve the delivery of your products and services and the customer service that each of your customers receives when doing business with your company.

Remember that even with the best of intentions, you will still have customers who are unhappy at times.  These situations should be closely monitored by doing the following:

  • Monitor the web, and all the conversations that are happening regarding your business.  Online programs are available to help you track what your customers are saying about your business.
  • Fix any problems that arise with unhappy customers.  Apologize to the customer, and do everything you can to make sure the situation is fixed.  Avoid getting into an argument with any of your customers, as these conversations rarely end well for any business.
  • Enhance any reviews of your company that are positive.  Thank customers for positive comments about your company that will help to neutralize any bad comments that are made.

5. Localize Your Website’s Content

If your online business operates out of a physical location that is the primary location for your services, any content that is posted to your website should also be geared around this specific area.  You are hoping to increase the interest in your website from anyone who lives in your community in order to increase the local traffic to your store. Two basic rules to follow when attempting to localize your content are listed below.

  • Include clear and concise information on your home page about what your business does and where it is located.
  • Establish your website as an authority in the area with interesting content that will create a buzz about your company.

6. Perfect Your Mobile Strategy

Make an investment in a mobile version of your website to help local searchers get to your business.  Mobile websites are quickly becoming necessary in today’s search engine world, and your conversion rates will quickly jump when you invest in a site that is mobile friendly.

7. Stay Up To Date

Changes are always happening with the local search, and to keep your search efforts profitable, you must stay up to date and educated on any changes within the ecosystem.  Join a local forum or group to stay up to date on any major updates with local search that may need you to make adjustments to your business and the marketing plan you have in place.

These simple tips will not only increase your local search visibility, but will also increase profits and hopefully increase customer lifetime value.

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