3 Ways Even Low Traffic Websites Can Profit Significantly

A good deal of internet marketing can be reduced to a numbers game: the more traffic you get to your site, the more you stand to earn from advertising revenue. This is the primary business model of programs like Google Adsense, the leading advertising program online.

While it’s relatively easy to sign up for an advertising program like Adsense, earning substantial amounts of money from Adsense is something else altogether. As a rule, advertising networks are almost completely dependent on the concept of clicks. Here’s how it works: as a webmaster, you sign up for an advertising program. You copy and paste a JavaScript advertising code into your website.

The code then displays content relevant ads on your site when visitors stop by. For each unique click an ad gets from a visitor to your site, you get a small payment credited to your account, which you can withdraw to your bank account when you see fit.

While this profit model has been proven to be profitable and reliable for countless webmasters, it obviously works better when you have a high volume of traffic coming to your site. The more visitors, the more chances for an ad on your site to be clicked. But what if your site doesn’t have the high volume of viewership to make this model truly profitable? How can you make some money as site with less than 50,000 monthly viewers? The answer starts with focused traffic.

1. Corner the Market On A Specialist Niche

In a way, the internet is a form of science-fiction made real: there is relevant, useful data for just about every field of interest to be found somewhere online. Despite this, there will always be specialist markets that suffer from a lack of focused content. With research, you can focus your content on very lucrative and specialized niches.

By definition, your clientele will be a smaller number of individuals that are passionate about your topics. Depending upon the niche, the average cost per click of advertising networks can be as high as $30 or more. Usually, these advertising rates are found in some fairly specific niches – technology, education, expensive or unique hobbies and the like.

In order to gain substantial earnings from advertising networks within these niches, you must offer some relevant and informative content that will make your site a worthwhile destination. For hobbyists, specialists, or any other captive audience, your site can become a part of a very short list of must-visit places online.

2. Develop Sponsorship Relationships With Advertisers Directly

While the standard advertising model used online is tried and true, it also casts a pretty wide net, by definition. As an automated system, its very efficient, but it can also be bit scattered in its approach. If your interested in using advertising on your site, why not reach out directly to companies and organizations that would be interested in advertising on your site?

By essentially cutting out the middle man of an advertising network, you make it easier to develop an advertising model that fits your readership specifically. In addition, you can negotiate your own advertising terms that can be far more profitable than the rates paid by an advertising network.

For example, instead of being paid a preset amount per click by an advertising network, you can negotiate a sales commission-based payment system. Depending upon the product, a commission-based payment model can be far more lucrative for a publisher than a Pay Per Click model.

A web publisher can even negotiate long-standing sponsorship relationships with companies, who in turn can provide the publisher with review copies of products, advance information, and other such insider information than can help increase the authority of a website.

This sort of direct relationship makes it easier for a website owner to incorporate advertisements into their content in an organic way. For example, a simple discussion or review of a neglected feature or benefit of a product or service is a far more effective form of advertising than a standard banner ad. Reach out to advertisers directly and negotiate a mutually beneficial deal that helps you both.

3. Offer A Specialty Product or Service

In keeping with the above step, if you can offer a very specialized good or service, your traffic requirements to make substantial earnings will be much lower. If you can identify a need that is common enough to be marketable, but unique enough to be worth a premium cost, you are halfway on the path to success.

Essentially, offering a product or service is the process of monetizing an identified specialist niche directly. In other words, once you have identified your a lucrative specialist niche, you can develop a product or service to market to that user base without the need for a third-party advertiser or company.

Alternatively, you can also create a product or service that is ahead of the curve, so to speak, and build a niche around it. For example, Apple famously cornered the market on portable MP3 players early, and developed an entire industry around on product that one thing before everyone else.

Obviously, most people do not have access to the technology and manufacturing infrastructure of an Apple, but that does not mean you can’t innovate. Instead of focusing on creating a mechanical innovation, think in terms of the benefits you can bring to your clients.

These benefits don’t have to be dependent upon high-end technology. Knowledge-based products and services, in particular, are great options to bring to market due to their low or non-existent manufacturing costs and their constant popularity.

In Conclusion

Just remember that you don’t need massive streams of traffic to start earning from your site. Focusing on specialty markets, working on creating your own goods or services for sale, and developing direct relationships with advertisers and manufacturers in your field can all combine to help you increase your sites earning potential without needing massive amounts of traffic.

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